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Suitable cameras for this workshop

For this workshop you can use any DSLR or any other camera which has the following controls:
Aperture priority (Av or A), shutter priority (Tv or S) and full manual exposure shooting modes -
Users can adjust aperture, shutter speed, white balance and ISO freely upon on their preferences to expand their creativity.
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DAY 1 & 2: Camera Basics

1. The Basic Components of a Camera
2. Aperture Control & Light Intensity of Lens
3. Focal Length, Shooting Distance and Depth of Field
4. Shutter - Control & Effect of the Shutter
5. Exposure - Light Exposure, Overexposure & Underexposure
6. Colour of Light
7. Position and Angle of Camera
8. The Framing of a Shot
Photo taken by Student Orhun Levent
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DAY 3: Studio Lighting

The instructor will demonstrate to you the Law of Light. There are five things which always happen when you shine a light on an object or a subject. That is why it is called the Law of Light. You can applied the principles you have learned in this demonstration to any lighting situation you encounter in the future
Photo taken by student Saridja Baron
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DAY 3: Studio Shoot

Portrait lighting will be demonstrated with the different qualities of light. Different moods will also be demonstrated
Photo of student Danny De Can taken by fellow student Steph Wu
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Day 3: Studio Shoot

You will get a chance to practice what you've just learned. Using professional movie lights you will take turns to shoot still portraits of your fellow students. So besides the knowledge of photography you will come away with a set of professional looking photographs of yourselves.
Photo of student Danny De Can taken by fellow student Steph Wu.
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Nespresso coffee is provided

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Richard Wong

Your instructor Richard Wong is a professional Director and Director of Photography. He has over 20 years of experience in the film industry. He operates his own studio. Now he also teaches filmmaking through the Hong Kong International Film Academy which he formed in 2006.
Richard earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and a Master's Degree in Film from the famous Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He has filmed, directed and produced hundreds of television commercials.
Richard is a full member of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers and a jury member of the Hong Kong Film Awards. He has been appointed a Subject/Specialist of the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation.
Photo shot by student Claus Asvarisch.
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Want to learn filmmaking, acting and still photography? Come and hear about our upcoming workshops.
This two hour introductory lecture will be conducted in English. Our group of instructors will enlighten you about the content of the Academy's workshops and also about filmmaking & photography in general. Register early. A comprehensive Q&A session is included to make sure you go home with all of your questions answered.
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Robert Tran

Robert Tran got his BFA and MFA in Photography from the prestigious Art Center College Design in California. He has 14 years' experience working as a professional photographer in the USA and Hong Kong, specializing in advertising photography. The awards his work won include: Graphic Advertising 4A Award, Apple Design Award, Cannes Lions Adverising Awards, HKDA Award, Communication Arts Photo Annual, London Advertising Award, Hong Kong Advertising 4A Award etc.