Welcome the Hong Kong Institute of Photography. It will be our honour and pleasure to help you fulfill your dreams to take photographys, whether it be your chosen new career path, or just your hobby. Our courses are also suitable for high school teachers and administrators who would like to start photography programs in their respective high schools.

We believe that photography is not as hard as one thinks. The best way to learn it is just to go out and do it. The intensive hands-on nature of our classes will provide a firm foundation for the students to do so.

Our emphasis is on quality. That means that all our instructors have overseas qualifications, practical experience and a passion for teaching. Our small class size guarantees each student an appropriate amount of one on one time with faculty.

All our courses are taught in English.   So they are suitable for expatriates.  Our weekend courses are perfect for international students. Tuition for international students and local students are the same. Under the Links section are information on our exciting city, visit visa and accommodations.


Richard Wong